David Tully

David is a walking encyclopedia of film and knows his favorite genre inside and out. He used to teach at New York University, where he got his PhD in Literature (so that’s “Doctor Tully,” if you please), then lived in Los Angeles for several years, where he worked as Head of Development for Oscar-winner Volker Engel at Unchartered Territory, before he moved to Munich, where he worked as a scriptwriter for TV and features, and headwriter for series. He then moved to the United Arab Emirates, where his horror thriller DJINN attracted horror legend Tobe Hooper to come to Dubai and direct this first international Arab horror movie.

David's critical biography TERRY SOUTHERN AND THE AMERICAN GROTESQUE was published in 2010, and aside from being a script writer and the creative mastermind at Shivertown Road Films, he also teaches writing and works as a novelist.
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